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The registration for seminars sponsored by companies is open until October 18, 2009.
There is no registration fee for participants.
(Please notice, registration for seminars is available only for conference participants.)

Please notice, registration for seminars is on the first come, first served basis.

Please register via the on-line Registration form for Vendor seminars & Workshops

You will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt via E-mail. If it will not be delivered within a few minutes after submitting of your registration please contact us at Food_Analysis_2009@vscht.cz.

Participation at the vendor seminar(s) is associated with buffet lunch (in case of lunch seminars) or buffet refreshment (in case of pre-symposium seminar) sponsored by companies; you will receive tag(s) to participate at respective event(s).

Please also notice that lunch for those who are registered for individual lunch seminar(s) will be served in rooms where individual seminars will be organized. All other conference participants may get lunch in the conference restaurant.


November 3, 2009 (16:00–18:00)
Most Advanced Comprehensive GCxGC Solutions Utilizing TOF MS

Sponsored by LECO & TOF

Program of the LECO vendor seminar


November 4, 2009 (12:45–14:00)
Latest Achievements in Food Testing

Sponsored by Waters Science logo

Program of the Waters lunch vendor seminar
Advances in the Use of LC/MS/MS for Routine Food Testing

Sponsored by New A MDS

Program of the Applied Biosystems lunch vendor seminar
Rapid Tests for Allergens and Mycotoxins

Sponsored by r-biopharm

Program of the R-Biopharm lunch vendor seminar
November 5, 2009 (12:45–14:00)
Rapid Methods for Food Control Based on Proven ESI-(UHR)-TOF Technology (micrOTOF, maXis) and New Generation of High-Sensitivity Ion Trap (amaZon)

Sponsored by BRUKER

Program of the BRUKER lunch vendor seminar
New approaches to solving emerging food safety issues

Sponsored by thermo-scientific

Program of the Thermo Scientific lunch vendor seminar
Veterinary Drug Proficiency Test and Multiresidue Screening Analysis
Tecna Sponsored by TECNA

Program of the Tecna lunch vendor seminar
November 6, 2009 (12:45–14:00)
Latest Innovations in Food Analysis – Agilent Technical Seminar RAFA 2009

Sponsored by Agilent

Program of the Agilent Technologies lunch vendor seminar
Modern Multidimensional GCxGC MS Technologies for Analysis Related to Food Quality & Safety

Sponsored by Shimadzu Solution

Program of the Shimadzu lunch vendor seminar
ELISA Methods Detecting Food Allergens, Mycotoxins and Melamine

Sponsored by ROMER

Program of the Romer Labs lunch vendor seminar
Institue of Chemical Technology International Association of Environmental Analytical Chemistry RIKLT
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